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Our story

In the heart of Guadeloupe, where nature reveals treasures of aromas and flavors, Naomi Martino began her journey into the world of chocolate. The daughter of passionate farmers, Naomi grew up surrounded by cocoa trees, developing an unwavering bond with this fertile and generous land very early on.

Her career is an ode to chocolate-making tradition, enriched by a relentless quest for excellence and innovation. After studying fine chocolate-making in Europe, where she honed her mastery of ancestral techniques and discovered the latest trends in bean-to-bar, Naomi returned to her native land to realize her dream: to create exceptional chocolates that tell the story of her island and its people.

Naomi Martino Chocolats embodies this commitment to craftsmanship, quality and sustainability. Each chocolate bar is the fruit of work that respects natural cycles, highlighting Guadeloupean cocoa, renowned for its unique notes. Naomi works closely with local farmers, ensuring perfect traceability from bean to bar.

Through her creations, Naomi invites everyone to discover a palette of authentic flavors, true sensory journeys that reveal the richness and diversity of Guadeloupe’s terroir. Each bite is a story, the story of a passionate woman who, with determination and creativity, has restored chocolate to its former glory.


The college culinaire de france

Prestigious recognition awarded to establishments and artisans for their commitment to quality, authenticity and the promotion of culinary heritage. This distinction underscores Naomi Martino’s unique expertise and excellence in artisan chocolate-making.

Naomi Martino Maitre chocolatier guadeloupe
épicerie fine chocolats locaux guadeloupe

Maison Martino

The history of our brand is tied to environmentally-friendly innovations and a strong commitment to preserving Guadeloupe’s cocoa heritage. Naomi Martino works for international recognition of the quality of Guadeloupe’s cocoa, while actively contributing to the local economy.

Maitre chocolatier Guadeloupe
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