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tomato/basil jelly

Discover our Tomato/Organic Basil jelly*, a perfectly balanced fusion between the authentic taste of the fresh tomato and the exhilarating aroma of organic basil.

Perfect to enhance your toasts, improve the taste of your fish dish or even to be served with creative dishes. This jelly transcends traditional flavors.

*Fresh ingredients, availability varies by season.

our jars

0,441 Ibs
0,066 Ibs*

*Minimum order quantity : 50 jars


Temperature: between 39,2 F° and 46,4 F°

Produits gourmets_gelee_rose_porcelaine.

"rose de porcelaine" jelly

A delicate alchemy of rose petals and lemon for a refined taste experience.

Produits gourmets_gelee_passion_piment

Passion/Sweet pepper jelly

The perfect balance between fiery passion and the sweetness of chili pepper, offering an exotic touch to your dishes.