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Naomi martino chocolates & cocoas FROM Guadeloupe

Immerse yourself in the art of Guadeloupean chocolate with Naomi Martino, where passion and expertise give birth to unparalleled creations. Our approach, similar to wine tasting, highlights the expression of cocoas rigorously selected for their superior quality. Each stage, from meticulous roasting to confection, is designed to release the bean’s best aromatic notes, inviting you on a sensory journey to discover chocolate’s multiple personalities.


Enjoy a unique taste experience with our Grand Cru chocolates, combining aromatic richness and creativity. Each piece is an invitation to rediscover chocolate, celebrating pure flavors and craft techniques.



Our creations reflect our commitment to excellence and our desire to share memorable tasting moments with you.

maison martino

Maison Martino is a love story with chocolate, recounting our journey from the cocoa fields to the workshop, where each creation is carefully prepared.

Unique Experiences